Crystal for Soltau

Behind The Scenes

L.E.S Chelsea is well known for its art galleries. One in particular was on our #toshootlist ( no pun intended) David Zwirner-which was hosting the very special Dan Flavin expo. This place had been busying all over social media for weeks, so we decided to take model Crystal out for a fun shoot. As we entered the gallery the lights within the expo had already attracted a line wrapped up the stairs.


We were so anxious to view and also shoot this light installment, but here comes the bad news. Five mins in and the camera is ready to go, the security stopped me before I could even press the shutter. Then followed to say "no photography please", I asked why and he said " last week we banned it because some people took the opportunity a little too far". So that was a "dub" ( common nyc phrase), the crew and I were highly upset-well I was the most upset.

Although we couldn't shoot at the Zwirner Gallery, we made the best of the day and found pretty good alternatives. Crystal maybe one of the funniest people we have worked with, her instagram can definitely speak for itself. @clitoristal - this deserves its own blog post. Models dont worry we still love all you guys!

stay tuned stay soltau

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